UBND huyen Luc Ngan

Phong GDĐT luc Ngan 


De chinh thuc



De thi HSG huyen Luc Ngan

Nam hoc 2010-2011

Mon thi :Tieng Anh 9

Ngày thi: 14/11/2010

Thoi gian lam bai :150 phut

–         §Ò thi gåm 04 trang. ThÝ sinh lam bai truc tiep vao de thi nay.

Sè ph¸ch:




I.  Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. (5pts)

1. A. mosque                         B. optional                      C. notice               D. tropical

2. A. divide                           B. impress                       C. official              D. comprise

3. A. climate                          B. federation                   C. separate             D. apartment

4. A. ethnic                            B. currency                     C. secondary         D. official

5. A Buddhism                      B. compulsory                 C. puppet              D. instruction

II. Circle the best option to complete each sentence: (15pts)

1. My penpal and I are away from each other, but we always _________

A. keep in touch                   B. get on               C. go                              D. write

2. His good behavior made a deep _________on all the club members

A. impression             B. expression         C. kindness                     D. happiness

3. It’s raining again. If only I _________an umbrella.

A. have                       B. having              C. had had                      D. had

4. It’s a pity you can’t go on a trip with us. We all wish you_________with us.

A. could go                B. go                     C. could went                 D. had gone

5. I can’t speak English well. I wish I _________English well.

A. can speak               B. could speak       C. would speak               D. spoke

6. My father gets used to _________ newspapers in the morning.

A. read                       B. reading             C. to read                        D. reads

7. We have written to each other _________ last Christmas.

A. for                         B. in                      C. since                          D. at

8. Can you divide this cake _________four equal pieces ?

A. with                       B. by                     C. among                        D. into

9. When I first arrived _________NewYork, I didn’t know anyone.

A. into                        B. at                      C. in                               D. to

10. We really enjoyed _________ local food.

A. have                       B. to have              C. has                                      D. having

11. When I entered the room, the baby_________ quietly.

A. is sleeping              B. slept                  C. was sleeping               D. were sleeping

12. My brothers often play football_________Sunday afternoon.

A. at                           B. for                     C. on                              D. in

13. John is proud_________his father and loves him so much.

A. about                     B. for                     C. in                               D. of

14. It’s raining ,_________I can’t go to the beach.

A. because                  B. but                    C. so                               D. or

15. Liz wants to _________a lot of photos to show the trip to her parents.

A. make                      B. take                  C. reach                          D. spend

III. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense or form. (10 pts)

1. He ( learn )__________________English and I ( read )__________________a book now .

2. My friend ( take ) _________________________ a trip to Da Lat next week .

3. She ( not / want ) _______________any coffee . She ( want )________________some tea.

4. He usually (go) _________________________fishing at weekend.

5. She ( come )___________________ here yesterday.

6. When I arrived home, she was busy (get)______________________________dinner ready.

7. He (learn)_________________a lot about life on a farm since he (come)___________here.

IV. Supply each space with a suitable preposition to complete each sentence. (10 pts)

1. I am living___________my parents inHanoicity.

2. John is___________England.

3. Last week I took my brothers___________the zoo.

4. I depend___________the radio for news.

5. That country is divided___________two regions.

6. The capital___________England isLondon.

7. My sister is interested___________music.

8. Mary’s dress  is different___________my sister’s.

9. We walk___________theHistoryMuseumevery day.

10. My brother is fond___________ice-cream.

V. Each line has ONE mistake, underline and correct it. (10 pts)

(Mçi dßng trong ®o¹n v¨n sau cã mét lçi sai. H·y g¹ch ch©n vµ söa lçi sai ®ã)

     Namis a student. This year he had a very interested summer 1/ ___________
holiday. He traveled with him classmates to a mountainous area 2/ ___________
in Hoa Binh province. They gone there to help make a road 3/ ___________
through a forest among two villages. “ It was very difficult 4/ ___________
because there had no water to drink and no shops where we 5/ ___________
could bought food,”saidNam. “ It was very cold and wet 6/ ___________
in the mountains. It is one of the wetter places in the country.” 7/ ___________
Namstayed in the mountains since six weeks. It was hard work, 8/ ___________
But he says it was the best thing he has ever did. He is hoping 9/ ___________
to return next year to do any more work there 10/ __________

VI. Fill in each gap with the correct form of the word in capital letter to complete each sentence. (10 pts)

  1. She was really_____________________by the beauty of the city. ( IMPRESS )
  2. Her clothes look very modern and_____________________ ( FASHION )
  3. Their_____________________made me happy. ( FRIENDLY )
  4. Many____________________come to Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum everyday. ( VISIT )
  5. We enjoyed the_____________________atmosphere in Ha Noi. ( PEACE )
  6. Ha Noi is not_____________________fromKuala Lumpur. ( DIFFER )
  7. The girls went to see _____________________places inHCMCity. ( FAME )
  8. The _____________________language inMalaysiais BahasaMalaysia. ( NATION )
  9. InMalaysia,_____________________is free. ( EDUCATE )
  10. Some young people today have a very strange_____________________( APPEAR )

VII. Fill each of the blanks with ONE most suitable word (A, B, C or D) (15 pts)

The (1)___________ofMalaysiaisKuala Lumpurand it is (2)___________the largest city (3)___________the country. The population in 2001(4)___________over 22 million. Islam is the country’s official (5)___________. In addition, there are (6) ___________religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. The national (7) ___________is BahasaMalaysia(also known simply as Malay). English, Chinese, and Tamil are also (8)___________spoken. The (9)___________ of instruction for primary (10)___________children is BahasaMalaysia, Chinese, or Tamil. BahasaMalaysiais the primary language  of instruction in (11)___________secondary schools, (12)___________,some students may continue (13)___________in Chinese or Tamil. And English (14) ___________a compulsory second (15)___________.

1. A. country               B. capital                         C. city                                      D. village

2. A. also                     B. both                           C. either                          D. neither

3. A. with                    B. at                                C. in                               D. for

4. A. is                                  B. are                              C. were                           D. was

5. A. population           B. religion                       C. region                        D. area

6. A. another               B. outside                       C. others                         D. other

7. A. language             B. religion                       C. instruction                  D. region

8. A. widely                B. openly                        C. closely                        D. compulsorily

9. A. member              B. currency                     C. language                    D. people

10. A. pupil                 B. student                                 C. citizen                        D. school

11. A. all                     B. little                                     C. much                         D. more

12. A. however            B. although                     C. despite                        D. but

13. A. helping             B. doing                         C. learning                      D. working

14. A. are                    B. was                             C. were                           D. is

15. A. language           B. nation                         C. region                        D. religion.

VIII. Read the following text and then fill in each gap with ONE suitable word. (10 pts). Clothes today are very different (1) ___________ the clothes of the 1800s. One difference is the way they look. For (2) ___________, in the 1800s all women (3) ___________ dresses. The dresses all had long skirts. But today women do (4) ___________ always wear dresses with long skirts. Sometimes they wear (5) ___________ skirts. Sometimes they wear pants. Another difference (6) ___________ 1800s and today is the cloth. In 1800s, clothes (7) ___________ made only from natural kinds of cloth. They were made (8) __________ cotton, wool, silk or linen. But today, (9) ___________ are many kinds of man-made cloth. A (10) ___________ of clothes are now made from nylon, rayon, or polyester.

IX. Read the text carefully and then answer the questions (5 pts).

The ancient town of HoiAn lies on Thu Bon river, 30 km south of Danang. It was formerly a trading center in South East Asiabetween the 16th and 17th centuries. Hoi An is famous for its temples, pagodas, small tile – roofed houses and narrow streets. All the houses were made of wood and their pillars were carved with ornamental designs.

The Assembly Hall of Cantonese Chinese Congregation and Tan Ky House which attracted visitors were built in the 19th century.

In recent years, Hoi An has become a popular tourists destination inVietnam. In 1999, it was certified by UNESSCO as a world Cultural  Heritage Site.

  • Questions
  1. Where is the ancient town ofHoiAn situated?


  1. What was Hoi An known as between the 16th and 17th centuries?


  1. What is it famous for?


  1. When was Tan Ky House built ?


  1. When was Hoi An certified by UNESSCO as a world Cutural Heritage Site?


X. Complete the second sentence in such a way that it has the same meaning as the first one. (10 pts)

1. People have just built a new school in our village.

@ A new school ___________________________________________________________

2. “I think you should go by train” he told me.

@ He advised _____________________________________________________________

3. I’d prefer you not to wear jeans to the office.

@ I’d rather ______________________________________________________________

4. We won’t get there on time without taking a taxi.

@  Unless ________________________________________________________________

5. Mike enjoys playing tennis more than I do.

@ I don’t ________________________________________________________________

6. She said nothing, but stood looking at him.

@Without ________________________________________________________________

7. That car is so expensive; I don’t think I can buy it.

@ It’s such _______________________________________________________________

8. My English friend finds using chopsticks difficult.

@ My English friend isn’t ___________________________________________________

9. I think that no city in the world is more beautiful thanParis.

@ I thinkParis____________________________________________________________

10. They leave me alone at home at night. I’m afraid of this.

@I am___________________________________________________________________